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Wood floor Sander

Homeowners often need help to bring in a wood floor sander NYC contractor, fearing the mess it could create in their homes. At Universal Flooring Inc., we take great pride in offering wood floor sanding services that not only meet but also exceed your design standards because we are aware of this concern. Our goal is to leave your home with impeccably sanded wood floors, making it hard to believe any work was done at all.

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Wood floor Sander

Hardwood floor sanding is a transformative process that breathes new life into worn-out wooden floors. This meticulous procedure involves the removal of old finishes, scratches, dents, and imperfections using specialized sanding equipment. By uncovering the raw wood underneath, we create an opportunity to repair damages and achieve a smooth surface. The completed sanding prepares the floor for refinishing, sealing, and staining, preserving the timeless appeal of hardwood floors.

Our Process

Our wood floor sander NYC Process

We prioritize a dust-free environment during the entire wood floor sanding process. Here’s a glimpse into our comprehensive procedures:

Interior Protection

We install plastic protection throughout your home, strategically placed to prevent dust from settling. For instance, we meticulously wrap kitchen cabinets floor to ceiling to ensure no dust infiltrates.

Dust Protection Products

We use top-quality dust protection products to seal off any area exposed to dust.

Portable Dust Containment Units

These units ensure that your house remains dust- free throughout the sanding project.

Post-Project Cleanup

Upon completion, we take down all plastic protection, feather dust the walls, and clean all surfaces in the worked areas.
We also use rosin paper, ram board, and other dust prevention products to protect any completed flooring in your home during dustless floor sanding.
Wood Floor Services New York City Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island & Long Island

Professional Hardwood

Professional Hardwood Floor Sanding NYC Contractors

Sanding solid wood floors is a demanding job, but with Universal Flooring Inc., it becomes a hassle-free experience. Our professional contractors bring a wealth of knowledge and empirical experience to ensure each sanding step is completed efficiently. While the task may seem straightforward, our commitment to a meticulous sanding process enables us to achieve results close to perfection. Save time and effort by choosing us, and benefit from competitive pricing aligned with the quality and dedication we put into our work.

Improving Flooring

Improving the Lifetime of Your Wood Flooring

We have a large portfolio of accomplished projects that includes anything from commercial property flooring to kitchen worktop restoration. We know how to bring back the original beauty of any wood flooring or table tops. We have experience with a wide range of businesses, such as eateries, village and sports facilities, and residential buildings. Explore our finished works at your leisure or get in touch with us for special assistance.

Benefits Choosing Flooring

Benefits of Choosing Universal Flooring Inc

Knowledge at no cost

We offer our expertise at no cost, guiding you through the process and answering any questions you may have.

Color and Product Choices

Our experience with various stain colors and brands allows us to recommend the best options for your specific needs. Whether matching existing hardwood floors and cabinets or suggesting the latest flooring color trends, we've got you covered.

Quality Products

Products: We use top-quality products to ensure longevity and durability in our refinishing projects.

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Choosing the right Wood Floor Sander NYC contractor is crucial for ensuring a seamless and mess-free experience. At Universal Flooring Inc., we not only promise expert wood floor sanding but also a commitment to the overall well-being of your home. Transform your living space with our services and witness the revival of the timeless charm of hardwood floors.
Contact us with any questions, and let us guide you through our dustless floor sanding and refinishing techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwood Flooring Installation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Certainly, although our professional sanding machines collect about 98% of the dust produced, achieving 100% efficiency is challenging. To mitigate this, we bring dust sheets and masking tape to seal spaces and openings, ensuring a dust-free environment. We also vacuumed the floor several times while the sanding was going on. To make cleaning easier, take everything out of the room, especially any electronic devices.
The process typically takes a minimum of a full day. Larger areas or multiple rooms may require several days. During this period, the sanded area should be free of traffic. We will discuss approximate timings during your free consultation.
It’s recommended to clear the areas to be sanded off all furniture before and for 12 hours after the final coat of varnish is applied. This ensures the finish reaches full strength. If needed, we can assist with moving furniture for a small charge.
Unless otherwise requested, we use water-based lacquers that are odor-free and non-toxic. For gap-filling, we use a solvent-based resin, which requires careful handling. Adequate ventilation is crucial at this stage to address the strong fumes.
In some cases, yes. If you can reside in an unsanded area and tolerate the noise and smell associated with floor renovation for a few days, it might be convenient to stay. Some clients plan their floor sanding and polishing during their absence, such as during holidays, to minimize inconvenience.

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