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FAQ | Flooring Contractor in NYC

If You Have Inquiries About Flooring Contractor in NYC, The Universal Floors Inc FAQ Checklist Is a Valuable Resource.

First and foremost, where should be the position where are most suitable for installing the hardwood flooring?

Beautiful hardwood floors will brighten up a home with family, friends, or neighbors and avoid boredom.  Kitchen and bathroom are the single spaces where you must be a little reluctant to use solid wood flooring as they are the only wet areas in the house (due to regular moisture). In the contrary, we have had wet basements that have successfully implemented various types of quality wood flooring.

Does Hardwood Cover Concrete or Laminate?

Your flooring company must check for below-grade concrete and room moisture before installing hardwood. Good parquet and engineered wood floors exist. Professional hardwood flooring installation requires laminate removal. Dry laminate can be covered by hardwood. Lay underlayment before hardwood.

What sort of wood flooring exactly it is that we are talking about?

Whether you want to show off your great taste and pay more money or have a stylish and affordable wood flooring that does not sacrifice the quality, the choice all depends on your personal preferences for the texture, color, and the appearance. Whether you need to do the renovation because you have different needs now from what you last had on the floor (which can affect the quality) or your budget is low, the choice between engineered and natural wood flooring is imperative for you. The last decisions to be made have to do with the colour of the stain and the type of finish which, in turn, the style takes on.

What features does natural wood flooring have that make it different from laminated flooring?

However, what differs hardwood and laminate (the materials used) is the latter adaptability to varied environments and stylistic approaches. Synthetic hardwood flooring consists of plastic and costs less than hardwood floors. Finally, by the time this moisture/high traffic area needed repair on a hardwood floor, eventually the floor will become damaged; however, laminate flooring is a great alternative.

What surfaces are appropriate for laying down laminate wood flooring or what surface shall I use?

Laminate is amongst the series of hardest to damage floors but still made of wood based elements. Therefore places like places with much moisture, humidity reaction or liquid cases like busing, these places should not install the laminate. Stop carpeting from covering laminate flooring before installing it. – there is a need for watching out from them before laminate installation. In other words, if you are considering to set it in heavily trafficed areas such as hallways and dinning rooms, laminate flooring is as affordable as the first choice.

Is it cheaper to replace the hardwood flooring or to refinish it?

Refinishing is sometimes cheaper than replacement. Talk to a professional flooring expert is to find an answer when you unable to make up your mind whether you need a new flooring. They are up for sharing you their ideas.