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Laminate Flooring Supplier


Laminate Flooring Supplier

Welcome to Universal Flooring, your trusted destination for high-quality laminate wood flooring supplier. With the timeless beauty of wood and the durability offered by modern flooring materials, improve your area with our wonderful collection of laminate wood choices. Universal Flooring has committed itself to being mindful of the environment. We use ethically managed forests to get our laminate wood, and we give eco-friendly manufacturing processes a top priority. Choose our flooring to improve your area and help the environment at the same time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're proud of the excellent customer service we offer. We have a team of experts available to help you choose the ideal laminate wood flooring for your project. We assure your total satisfaction with every purchase since we guarantee our products. The warmth and beauty of laminate wood from Universal Flooring may completely change your room. Look through our selection today to find the ideal flooring option for your residence or place of business.


Explore Our Laminate Wood Collections

The timeless charm and dependability of Universal Flooring's laminated wood collections will transform your living areas. Every collection is carefully chosen to accommodate a range of lifestyles, tastes, and design inclinations. Find the ideal flooring option to achieve your dream of a stylish and welcoming house or place of business.

Rustic Retreat Collection

Embrace the warmth and character of rustic aesthetics with our Rustic Retreat Collection. These laminate wood planks showcase distressed finishes, rich textures, and earthy tones, creating a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a countryside retreat.

Urban Loft Collection

For those seeking an urban and contemporary vibe, the Urban Loft Collection is your ideal choice. Sleek and sophisticated, these laminate wood options feature modern finishes, cool undertones, and clean lines, making them the perfect addition to metropolitan living spaces.

Coastal Breeze Collection

Bring the beachside allure to your interiors with our Coastal Breeze Collection. Inspired by coastal living, these laminate wood planks capture the essence of sun-soaked shores with light, airy colors, and beachy textures, creating a relaxing oasis in any room.

Vintage Revival Collection

Revel in the nostalgia of yesteryear with our Vintage Revival Collection. These laminate wood options effortlessly blend classic charm with contemporary design, offering a timeless appeal that adds a touch of vintage sophistication to your home.

Harmony Hues Collection

Indulge in a symphony of colors with our Harmony Hues Collection. This diverse range of laminate wood planks is designed to harmonize with various color schemes, allowing you to express your unique style and personality through your flooring choices.

Exotic Elegance Collection

Elevate your space with the luxurious allure of our Exotic Elegance Collection. Featuring laminate wood planks inspired by exotic hardwoods, this collection brings a touch of luxury to your interiors, making a statement of refined taste and grandeur.


Why Choose Laminate Wood from Universal Flooring?

Classic Oak Series

A symbol of strength and endurance, our Classic Oak Series boasts a range of finishes to suit your preferences. From light, airy tones to rich, deep hues, this collection adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Variety of Styles

Explore a diverse range of styles and finishes to match your unique taste and interior design preferences. From classic oak to contemporary grey tones, we have the perfect laminate wood flooring for every space.

Durability and Longevity

Universal Flooring's laminate wood is engineered to withstand the demands of everyday life. Resistant to scratches, stains, and wear, our flooring is built to maintain its beauty even in high-traffic areas.

Easy Installation

Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with our user-friendly click-lock system. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, our laminate wood flooring makes the process smooth and efficient.

Affordable without compromising quality

At Universal Flooring, we believe in offering premium products at affordable prices. Experience the luxury of laminate wood without breaking the bank.

Find Your Perfect Laminate Wood Flooring

Explore the collections above to find the laminate wood flooring that resonates with your style and preferences. At Universal Flooring Inc., our commitment is to provide you not just flooring but also the experience of a lifetime that will turn your area into an appealing and cozy haven. Ready to take the next step? Contact us for personalized advice, request a quote, or order your free samples.