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Hardwoord Gym Floor

Universal Flooring Inc. is a reputable player in the field, excelling in installing and replacing hardwood gym floors for various purposes, including gymnasiums, basketball courts, multi- purpose rooms, indoor sports facilities, and dance floors. The distinction lies in not only making the gym floor aesthetically pleasing but also ensuring optimal performance, especially in the context of the technical intricacies involved in designing and installing sports-related wood flooring.


Hardwoord Gym Floor

When it comes to hardwood gym floor service for basketball gyms in New York, Universal Flooring Inc. Hardwood Gym Floors is your go-to destination! Gym floor installation, refinishing, and repair are areas in which Universal Flooring Inc. excels.
Universal Flooring Inc is the ultimate solution for transforming your space into a professional- grade arena. Whether it's a high school, college, or recreational gym, we specialize in crafting hardwood floors with precision, including custom team designs, court lines, and sponsor decals.

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With the knowledge and experience of Universal Flooring Inc., you may improve your basketball gym experience in New York. Our company offer complete solutions for producing professional- grade gym flooring that blend beauty and excellent function, from installation to refinishing and maintenance. You can rely on our team  to deliver exceptional results and provide the greatest warranties in the market, whether you’re renovating an old court or building a new one.

Hardwood gym floor Floor Installation

Universal Flooring Inc. stands out as the expert choice for basketball gym floor installations in New York. Our team of professionals is capable of quickly demolishing and installing a brand- new basketball court that meets your needs, whether you're building a brand-new court or thinking about replacing an old one. We provide services beyond installation, like painting court lines and putting up sponsor logos and decals. Your basketball gym floor will be professionally designed and constructed, resembling NBA courts with the help of Universal Flooring Inc.'s competence.

Hardwood gym floor Refinishing

Universal Flooring Inc. offers refinishing services if your gym floor needs a makeover after being in use for a while. We can give your hardwood floors a new lease of life by sanding them down and applying a fresh layer of finish. Because high-quality hardwood floors are made to last, we make use of their already extended lifespan to improve their look. Universal Flooring Inc. specializes in removing surface scratches from gyms that have seen wear and tear and refinishing your court to improve its overall appearance and feel.

Hardwood gym floor Repairs

Given the constant traffic gyms experience, wear and tear are inevitable. Universal Flooring Inc. offers basketball gym floor repairs in New York, addressing issues ranging from floods to external damage. Our skilled team can efficiently repair sections and refinish the floors, restoring them to their original glory. Whether your gym hosts multiple teams or attracts thousands of fans, trust Universal Flooring Inc to keep your floors in top condition.

Wood Sport Surfaces

Maple is the wood of choice for Universal Flooring Inc. basketball court installations due to its numerous advantages. With a smooth grain texture, attractive color, wide availability, high shock resistance, and durability, maple ensures a classic aesthetic for your gym. Its high hardness rating and density guarantee longevity, and when wear becomes noticeable, a simple sanding and refinishing process can rejuvenate the hardwood for a fresh, brilliant appearance.

Turnkey Solution to Sport Court Hardwood Gym Floor Replacement

Universal Flooring Inc takes a comprehensive approach to sports court wood floor replacement, considering factors such as load distribution, shock absorption, vibration control, resiliency, and moisture resistance. The team provides floating floor systems, fixed floor systems, or fixed resilient floor systems catering to diverse needs. Once the sports court system is installed, Universal Flooring Inc. will also offer finishing services, including colors, court lines, logos, and more.

Fastest Turnaround on hardwood gym floor installation

Universal Flooring Inc Guarantees the fastest turnaround hardwood gym floor installation. With efficient processes and advanced technology, including dustless sanding, Universal Flooring Inc ensures that your gym floor is repaired, refinished, or replaced promptly. The company prides itself on delivering results according to the promised timeline, providing a reliable solution for schools, companies, and sports facilities.

We provide the Best Warranty in the Industry

Universal Flooring Inc. Stands behind its work with the best warranty in the industry, fostering lasting relationships with clients. Our company offers an extended warranty program on new floors and provides plans for repairs. This commitment to quality assurance ensures that clients receive top-notch service and a durable, high-performing gym floor.