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Hardwood Restoration

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Hardwood Restoration

Are you trying to find a hardwood restoration in NYC? Universal Flooring is just one click for your restoration needs. meticulously and creative process of restoring a wooden floor is something that Universal Flooring Inc. does with great pride and skill. We deeply appreciate the distinct beauty inherent in each wooden floor, and our passion lies in accentuating these unique features through our advanced wood restoration techniques, encompassing wood sanding, parquet floor sanding, and the application of finishing and sealing methods. The transformative process of wooden floor restoration not only rejuvenates the surface but also reveals the intricate grain and patterns that were once obscured by a dull, faded appearance.


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Our New York Hardwood Floor Restoration Services

Starting the process of restoring a wooden floor that has undergone damage from the past requires a number of careful measures. We would be happy to walk you through these procedures and give you an idea of the whole scope of services that define our commitment to excellence:


Your floors undergo a thorough examination, meticulously scrutinized, to determine the most effective approach for restoration. Upon completion, you receive a detailed report along with expert suggestions, guiding you toward the optimal line of action.

Repairs and Replacement

Addressing cracks and gaps, we expertly fill them to minimize drafts while boards in the worst condition undergo replacement, ensuring structural integrity and visual appeal are restored.


The removal of tiny imperfections such as bumps, scratches, and splinters is executed with precision. This process not only eliminates the worn finish but also provides a fresh canvas for subsequent treatments. Our team’s expertise extends beyond ordinary residential parquet floors, encompassing the sanding of diverse spaces, including offices, showrooms, schools, and restaurants in New York.


With the newly exposed wood, you gain the opportunity to customize your floors by staining them in hues that seamlessly integrate with your interior design. Our commitment to natural products ensures the longevity of the wood, preserving its beauty over time.


The final touch, yet arguably the most crucial, involves applying eco-friendly products that seal the wood, safeguarding it against wear and tear for years. This step provides a platform for endless customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance of your wooden surface.

The Value of Wood Floor Restoration in NYC

Given the importance of the finishing touches in floor restoration, we know that a high-quality finish sets a professional work apart from a subpar one and affects how long the floor will last. Every facet of our service is customized to satisfy the unique needs and preferences of our clients. We make sure you are knowledgeable and provide advice so you can choose wisely for your floor.

Many services are provided to assist you achieve the style you want for your floor restoration, such as using floor staining to get the ideal color or using whitewash to create a striking effect.

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Our Hardwood Restoration Service

Polyurethane Sealant

Polyurethane Sealant stands as a one-component water-borne finish designed for treating timber floor surfaces. Ideal for residential areas with normal traffic, its high viscosity ensures a well-bodied surface without compromising self-leveling. Our floorboard filling services offer finishing effects in matte, silk-matte, and gloss. In commercial spaces like school sports halls, a two-part polyurethane finish with added hardener, known as high-traffic polyurethane sealant, is employed for enhanced durability.

Interior Natural Floor Oil

Natural oil emerges as an ideal solution for solid wood flooring, plank-wood flooring, block strip flooring, and cork. Its hard-wearing and durable properties ensure long-lasting protection against various elements, including water, dirt, and fluids. The application of two coats of natural oil not only highlights the grain and patterns but also safeguards the floor from staining, scuffing, or fading.

Wax Floor Finishes

While less common than floor oil, a wax finish offers excellent protection for hardwood floors. Despite requiring regular maintenance, it provides a unique and special finish that enhances the natural coloration of the wood. This finish is both water and scratch-resistant, providing robust internal and external protection. Universal Flooring Inc. not only offers application services but also maintenance, ensuring the continued beauty and longevity of wax-finished floors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwood Flooring Restoration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Various factors determine the cost of refinishing hardwood floors. While many contractors operate on a per-square-foot pricing model, this rate is adjusted based on specific criteria. Factors influencing the cost per square foot include:

  • The current condition of the floors.
  • The desired finish for coating.
  • Preferences for staining the hardwood a different color.
  • The total square footage being sanded.
  • The general layout of the space (wide open spaces or cramped areas).

It’s easier to assess the floor in person to provide an accurate per-square-foot price. Quoting over the phone may result in a general “ballpark” estimate that is likely to be inaccurate. For a comprehensive, accurate estimate, an on-site evaluation is recommended.

Yes, there are typically some smells or fumes associated with coating hardwood floors. If you choose to alter the floor’s appearance with stain, the stains are oil-based and have a noticeable smell. Even when using water-based Polyurethanes, the first coat is typically an oil-based sealer, which imparts a richer look to the wood and seals the grain from subsequent water-based finish coats. This initial smell is comparable to the experience of having a residence painted with either oil or water-based paint. While there is an initial smell, it gradually dissolves over time.
Hard floor restoration is not something we recommend novices attempt; the risks involved are too great. Even if you save money, your floor might get damaged. A professional is the only one with the knowledge, skills, and specialist tools required to bring a hardwood floor back to its former beauty.
You can avoid having to restore your floor for at least another seven years if you take good care of it by cleaning frequently, using furniture leg protectors, and immediately clearing up incidents.